Audit is one of our core services. The reverse green tick on your accounting records is to give you reasonable assurance that your financial statements are free from material misstatement. The right and timely audit process adds value to businesses, enhancing their decision making process. We go much beyond conventional assessment and provide accurate auditing services.



Statutory Audits –

  1. Audit under Company Law
  2. Audit under LLP Law
  3. Audit under Co-Operative society’s law
  4. Audit of Trusts

Tax Audits

  1. Audit under Income Tax Act
  2. Audit under State VAT Act
  3. Assistance in CERA Audits

Bank Audits

  1. Statutory Audit of branches of PSU Banks
  2. Statutory Audit of Co-op Bank
  3. Concurrent Audits
  4. Revenue Audits
  5. Audit of Bank Borrowers (Stock Audits)
  6. Systems Audit

CA.Certifications –

  1. Foreign Remittance- 15CB certificate
  2. Certification of Foreign Trade Policy
  3. Net worth certificate
  4. Customized certificates for Excise & Customs authorities for various purposes
  5. Customized certificates for various Government authorities

Agreed upon procedures

  1. Shares Valuation
  2. Business Valuation
  3. Inventory verification
  4. Fixed assets verification
  5. Other customized services

Other Services

06 Accounting
07 Tax Consultancy
Tax Consultancy
09 Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy
05 Entity formation
Entity formation

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